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Shanti Hastkala's new range of yoga essentials offers those who are seeking high quality products, a handmade and thoughtfully crafted option made in a loving atmosphere.


Our Aasan mat sets come with 4 pieces - a canvas tote bag embroidered with a lotus and featuring a rudraksha closure, the Aasan mat, a protective bag for it and a batwa. 


The sets are available in 7 colours:


  • Orange - Svadhishthana
  • Red - Muladhara
  • Yellow - Manipura
  • Green -Anahata
  • Blue - Vishuddi
  • Indigo -Ajna
  • Violet - Sahasrara


Please note: incense and other accessories in photos not included.

Aasan Meditation Mat 4 Piece Set - Various Colours

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