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Social Vision

Upliftment of surrounding villages 


By identifying needy families, widow's and underprivileged children and helping them acquire skills which can sustain them financially and help them get work. Promoting hygiene, environment friendly agriculture and industry.

Providing support to teaching staff of local schools to develop better habits among students to ultimately improve living standards in villages to help reduce vices such as drunkenness among villagers. 

Provide support to village children who want to study and help students acquire that little EXTRA required to go other cities and establish themselves. Providing basic Computer literacy to students along with basics of the English language and Suitable Vocational Training to the unemployed among the villagers. 

Help develop handicrafts and dress making as a small industry among village ladies to help support themselves and their families. Help develop skills among them and help them find self-employment in their own area.

For the Spiritually Inclined

There are many people in India and abroad who like to spare some time to follow a Spiritual path, discover self and above all find a Guru to guide them through this difficult age. SHK would like to plan for a distant future to promote setting up of SHANTI Abodes/townships, which will have facilities which can provide suitable employment to Shanti Mandir devotees who wish to stay for a longer time to discover the spiritual path.

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