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Social Vision

Upliftment of surrounding villages 


Shanti Hastkala strives for the upliftment of neighboring communities by identifying and supporting vulnerable families, widows, and underprivileged children. The focus extends beyond immediate assistance – SHK aims to equip them with sustainable skills, fostering financial independence and employment opportunities. Promoting hygiene, environmentally friendly agriculture, and industry is integral to this mission, contributing to the overall well-being of the community.

SHK extends support to local schools, assisting teaching staff in cultivating positive habits among students. SHK's goal is to enhance living standards in villages, addressing issues such as alcoholism by promoting education and character development. For aspiring students, assistance is provided to pursue higher education in other cities, offering essential skills like computer literacy, English language basics, and suitable vocational training.

Recognising the potential within village communities, particularly among women, SHK works towards developing handicrafts and dressmaking as small-scale industries. This initiative not only encourages self-sufficiency but also helps families thrive. Shanti Hastkala is dedicated to empowering individuals, fostering skill development, and creating sustainable opportunities within their own communities.

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