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Experience of some of our volunteers

Chideshwari Luthra

As a practising interior designer for over twenty-three years, Chideshwari came to the project not knowing much about handicrafts, however after being asked to head the project by Baba, and with the subject close to the heart, she went into it with full faith in Baba and his faith in her. 



For Vanya (Western Australia) it was love at first experience with Shanti Hastkala. She loved the colour, light and place in the heart where it comes from. She knows Gurudev’s grace brings these things together and feels blessed to be a part of Shanti Hastkala. “It can only grow... love, peace, family and community keeping alive traditions and giving to those who appreciate this gift”.



Astha (Norway) is a primary school teacher and a singer who had no idea about designing and handicrafts when she joined Shanti Hastkala in 2000. “It gave me tremendous satisfaction and happiness while working with the women of Magod village. I felt I am giving back something to society through my seva”.



“It was my good fortune that I joined the Shanti Hastkala team, and it has been a beautiful experience ever since. It gave me an identity and boosted my confidence level. It gives me lots of satisfaction that little efforts on my part can make someone's life better in the villages where we work”.



Radhika (Mumbai) has been involved with Shanti Hastkala since its inception, as the idea of giving back something to society fascinated her. She was involved in designing various products and exhibiting them whilst managing a studio displaying the creations. "It's been a wonderful journey seeing SHK grow by leaps and bounds, and I wish that more and more people come and extend their help and support for such a beautiful cause". 



Radha (New Delhi) has been volunteering with Shanti Hastkala for many years. She enjoys working with the women of Magod and has spent time displaying and selling Shanti Hastkala products in Delhi. “It feels good to help uplift others through the work of Shanti Hastkala. I feel satisfied and content”.



“The first and the best part of it is that I could use some of the things I learnt from my experience working in a garment company. Second thing is I always felt God has not given me this & that, but after joining Hastkala when I visited the villages and saw how they live & survive”.



Hiral (Mumbai) has found that one of the many advantages of joining Shanti Hastkala is that she now has her own identity. “I really feel proud to be part of it. Very few people get the opportunity to work for others, and Gurudev has given me this opportunity - I'll be always thankful to him. I have been exposed to many new things after joining Shanti Hastkala as a volunteer”. 


How to get involved

There are many ways to get involved with and support Shanti Hastkala. 

Purchases made in the online shop or Shanti Hastkala stores in Magod, Ganeshpuri and Haridwar all help support the project. The profits are used to train more women and to offer them viable and rewarding work opportunities. Shanti Hastkala products are also distributed via Shanti Mandir Walden in the US, and are available in Australia.

If you would like to volunteer at Shanti Hastkala, whether you would like to come and teach/share your skills or simply help out, all are welcome at Magod. Please email

Another way to support Shanti Hastkala is to share the story! Follow along on Facebook or Instagram and let your family and friends know about what is being done at Shanti Hastkala.

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