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100% pure handmade Dhoop 


This natural herbal dhoop is a purifying blend of essential and original Ayurvedic herbal ingredients. This dhoop has the endless benefits of cow dung, including its anti-bacterial properties, which freshen the air and kill germs and bacteria upon burning. This dhoop also acts as a mosquito repellent.


Fragrance: neem, tulsi, panch gavya, citronella, camphor


Now available in 3 sizes


Large (30 pieces) 

Medium (20 pieces)

Small (10 pieces)


❂ 100% Natural

❂ Handmade

❂ Chemical-Free

❂  Sustainable

❂ Panchgavya product


Original Dhoop Cones - Panchgavya Purifying Dhoop

  • All Shanti Hastkala dhoops are individually handmade by the women of Magod Village with focus and care and are free from artificial fragrances, charcoal or harmful chemicals. By purchasing Shanti Hastkala products, you are directly supporting and empowering the village women of rural Gujarat.

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