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Sattvik Dhoop stickless incense is a blend of Indian Frankincense and panchgavya which uplifts your mood and prepares the mind for meditation. The all-natural dhoop is the perfect companion for your yoga or meditation practice, or simply to bring a calming aroma to your space.


❂ 100% Natural

❂ Handmade

❂ Chemical-Free

❂ Sustainable

Sattvik Dhoop - Natural Herbal Dhoop

  • Each box contains 100gm of dhoop (without a bamboo stick) and a dhoop holder. All Shanti Hastkala dhoops are individually handmade by the women of Magod Village with focus and care and are free from artificial fragrances or harmful chemicals. By purchasing Shanti Hastkala products, you are directly supporting and empowering the village women of rural Gujarat.

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